Know about Prostate cancer

TALKING ABOUT PROSTATE CANCER What is prostate? Is a gland surrounding the urethra (urine passage) below the urinary bladder. It secretes prostatic fluid during ejaculation. Prostatic fluid and seminal vesical secretions form a major part of the semen. The secrections nourishes and protects the sperm. What is prostate cancer? Most common Prostate cancers are called adenocarcinomas. …

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How kidney stones are formed?

Pathophysiology of kidney stone formation and management of staghorn calculus Stones form in the kidneys by crystallization of salts excreted in the urine, usually calcium oxalate or uric acid. Chronic kidney infection also causes stone formation. Most of the time it is because of both crystallization and infection. Stones begin as a small spicule in …

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Key hole treatment in urology

KEY-HOLE SURGERY [LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERY] FOR KIDNEY PROBLEMS The term ‘laparoscopy’ is derived from Greek and is composed of the ancient Greek word ‘λαπάρα’(lapara) which means ‘tummy’, and ‘σκοπώ’(skopo) which means ‘to look’. Meaning to look inside the tummy. Many traditional urologic surgical procedures require large incisions with lengthy hospitalization and recovery. Minimally invasive surgery, also often …

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