Keyhole and Laser Treatment of
Kidney Stones

Keyhole and Laser Treatment of Kidney Stones

When you are given two distinct tasks while working, you can occasionally become confused. The same thing occurs to our kidneys when there is a slight discrepancy between the tasks put into their charge, such as to preserve water while also filtering out smaller substances.


Kidney stones are formed when our kidneys try to conserve more water than necessary. These solid crystal masses, known as stones, can form anywhere in your urinary system. Uric acid, cystine, struvite, and calcium ions make up the majority of these stones.

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Kidney Stones Causes

Do You Have A Kidney Stone Risk?

Kidney stone disease can impact anyone, especially with the prevalence of unhealthy lifestyle changes. But some people face greater risks than others. Kidney stone risk factors include obesity, someone in your family having had a history of renal stones or consumption medications as mentioned above.

Symptoms Of Kidney Stones

Sometimes these stones go unnoticed and you may not experience any serious symptoms, but you need immediate attention if and when you start having pain in your groin, blood in your urine (red, pink or brown urine), vomiting, nausea, you notice. Change in color or smelly urine, you have chills, fever, need to urinate frequently or pass small amounts of urine.

Keyhole Surgery in Chennai

Kidney Stone Treatment

An Urology Specialist offers a wide range of treatment options for kidney stones to correct the altered mechanism and function under extreme conditions as recommended and deemed necessary by Dr. Kabil, stone specialist doctor and urologist. 


Treatment of the causative factor is also possible. Keyhole surgery to remove kidney stones and laser surgery for kidney stones is widely effective. Luckily Keyhole Surgery in Chennai and Kidney Stone Treatment in Chennai is performed by Dr.Kabil with the right equipment and in the best way possible.

Keyhole And Kidney Stones

The area of urology has been transformed by keyhole Treatment in Chennai, commonly referred to as minimally invasive or laparoscopic surgery, especially in the treatment of kidney stones. Small incisions and sophisticated tools are used in keyhole surgery for kidney stones to remove or break up the stones, which has a number of benefits over open surgery.

Benefits Of Keyhole Surgery For Kidney Stones

Minimally invasive

Keyhole Surgery in Chennai is less intrusive than open surgery, leading to smaller incisions, less discomfort, and quicker recovery times.

Reduced hospital stay

Kidney stone patients can resume their regular activities sooner after keyhole surgery because it is often done as an outpatient procedure or with a brief hospital stay.

Lower risk of problems

When compared to open surgery, keyhole surgery often carries a lower risk of infection, haemorrhage, and other surgical consequences.

Superior cosmetic results

Patients get a superior cosmetic outcome because to keyhole surgery's tiny incisions and little scars.

Precision in visualisation

The surgeon is able to precisely see the kidney and stones thanks to the laparoscope's high-definition, enlarged pictures.

It’s crucial to understand that not all kidney stones can be removed through a keyhole. The size, quantity, and placement of the stones, as well as the patient’s general health, all play a role in the choice to conduct this treatment. To choose the best kidney stone treatment strategy, it is essential to speak with a urologist surgeon.

Laser Treatment of Kidney Stones

Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL), another name for laser operation for kidney stones, is a non-invasive medical procedure used to dissolve and remove kidney stones. It has been shown to be a successful and often employed treatment for treating kidney stones, giving various benefits over conventional surgical techniques.



A lithotripter, a specialised medical equipment, is used in laser kidney stone therapy also called as kidney stone laser lithotripsy.The kidney stone is targeted with concentrated, very energetic shock waves or laser pulses from this equipment. Prior to reaching the stone, the shock waves or laser energy go through the body’s tissues without injury. Once there, they produce mechanical forces that break the stone into smaller pieces. Kidney Stone Treatment in Chennai is performed with all the necessary protocols.



The high success rate of laser operation for kidney stones and quality laser surgery in chennai is an added advantage.The kidney stone is successfully broken down into tiny fragments by the concentrated energy given by the lithotripter, enabling easier passage through the urinary tract. The stone may occasionally be totally broken up into minute fragments that can pass out spontaneously through pee.



Therefore, kidney stone laser lithotripsy provides a secure and efficient way to dissolve and eliminate kidney stones without the need for invasive surgery. It is a useful choice in the treatment of kidney stone illness because of its non-invasiveness, high success rate, and speedy recovery.

How To Prevent Kidney Stones?

Kidney Stone Treatment in Chennai
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